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Bench Magnifier,Dual Illumination with Flexi Arm, Magnascope

Product Cat # BI078


VASHISHAT  Bench Magnifier,Dual Illumination with flexi Arm, Magnascope are compact designed for specialized visual  inspection & assembly  requirements in the different applications in Lab & in different industries.

VASHISHAT  Bench Magnifier,Dual  Illumination with Flexi Arm, Magnascope are compact designed for specialized visual  inspection & assembly  requirements in the different applications in Lab & in different industries.

Magnascopes are industrial magnifying instrument consists of a circular solid frame having circular magnifying lens of 148mm diameter approx The lens magnification is 2.5X / 5X. and maximum magnification upto 7x, with the help of 2x auxillary lens.The lens is free from chromatic aberrations. In Flexible arms Model, controlled by rugged springs, hold the circular frame and the lens at any desired placement. Uniform illumination of the field of view and the object are attained through a circular, rugged and elegant Japanese Fluorescent Lamp. The illumination is having a cool and soft effect on human eyes during continuous and long observations. This eliminates the fatigue in human eyes during investigation.

Superior ergonomics for minimal fatigue-free viewing and increased quality &  productivity also improved quality control Long working distance and large field of view with Freedom of head movement.

Suitable for Educational industrial, Lab and professional use.


  • Dual Illumination from top and base
  • Provided with flexible arm  facility
  • Versatile inspection tool for assembly line production
  • Glare free observation
  • Tiltable and rotatable head.
  • User friendly Operation
  • Low fatigue designed

Note:  Maganscopes are also available with 15w LED cold light consist of 30 bright LEDs for long life and low power consumption


Model No.

VBM 110



Body Material

Aluminium & Brass

Body Color

Siemens Grey

Illumination Type

Dual Illumination from top & base


22W Circular Fluorescent Tube Dia. 216mm

Color Temp. of Light


Outer Ring Diameter


Lens Diameter


Lens Material

Optical Glass

Effective Lens Dia.


Working Distance


Field of View


Maximum Height


Vertical Movement


Horizontal Movement



360 degrees

Lens Tilt

90 degrees

Stand Type

Bench top with Flexi Arm

Base Size (LxBxH)



9.0 Kgs.

Packing Dim. (cms.)


Optional Accessory

2x Auxillary Lens to make the double magnification

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