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We have collection light optics instruments for educational lab and physics lab. We are leading Light & Optics instruments manufacturer and supplier in india. Our light optics apparatus include optical reading telescope, travelling microscope, vernier microscope, reading microscope and more.

Reading Telescope - Simple Form


This simple form of reading telescope having objective of 25mm aper

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Reading Telescope - Intermediate


Comprising of  telescope  that is mounted on a sturdy sta

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Spare Scale Telescope


Comprising of  telescope  that is mounted on a sturdy stand with

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Reading Telescope - Advanced


This Advanced Reading Telescope is an efficient instrument to measu

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Travelling Microscope XY Motion - Intermediate


Consists  of a cast iron base fitted with three levelling screws,

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Travelling Microscope XY Motion with Drum Type Vernier


Consists of  heavy casting bed , thoroughly aged and machined, is

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Travelling Microscope XYZ Motion Advanced


VASHISHAT  traveling microscope with three axis measurement possib

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Vertical Reading Microscope


This instrument  comprising of microscope mounted on a adjustable

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Vernier Microscope / Six Position Microscope


The microscope is specially designed for Newton's Rings experiment.

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Newton's Rings Microscope


In this apparatus, light from a sodium lamp falls on the glass plat

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