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Vashishatlabs is a leading Physics Sound & Waves Lab manufacturer, Physics Sound & Waves Lab supplier and exporter in India including resonance apparatus, wave motion apparatus, sonometer.

Wave Form - Helix/Slinky


Ideal For demonstrating wave motion. Helical coil of flat section,

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Wave Form – Helix/ Slinky with Stand


Long slinky spring for super wave demonstrations, on wooden stand 2

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Wave Motion Apparatus - Metal


Used for demonstrating both longitudinal as well as transverse moti

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Wave Motion - Hand Rotation


Wave motion elucidates the transverse or sinusoidal nature of waves

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Resonance Apparatus


This  resonance apparatus allows you to observe the resonance phen

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Resonance Apparatus – Brass Tube


The apparatus consists of an open-ended cylindrical brass tube, 100

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Kundt's Tube- Metal Base


Kundt's tube apparatus is a device for measuring the velocity of so

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Investigating the vibrating string. Sonometer  is a classical devi

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Sonometer Wire Set Spare


Set of two wires, 1 each of brass and steel of length 1.5m, and cro

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Step Down Transformer For Sonometer


Set of Eight plain shank Aluminium Tuning Forks ,forks is stamped w

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