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This physics mechanics lab provides a platform for students to engage with the fundamental principles of motion, forces, and energy. By conducting experiments and analyzing data, students can reinforce theoretical concepts and develop critical thinking skills. These hands-on experiences not only deepen their understanding of mechanics but also foster a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the wonders of the physical world. The physics mechanics lab truly ignites the scientific spirit within aspiring physicists and engineers, empowering them to unravel the secrets of motion

Compound Bar Pendulum Steel

Product Cat # PH0201

A bar pendulum is the simplest form of compound pendulum. Consist of a uniform rectangular......

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Compound Bar Pendulum Brass

Product Cat # PH0202

Compound pendulum bar made of brass c. p 100cm long, 2.5cm width and 0.5cm thick. holes dr......

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Compound Bar Pendulum Stainless Steel Rod Type

Product Cat # PH0203

Consists of stainless steel rod of 100 cm long and 1.0 cm diameter, rod marked  with line......

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Wall Bracket for Pendulum

Product Cat # PH0205

Made of cast iron having machined plane edges.......

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Kater's Reversible Pendulum - Steel

Product Cat # PH0207

Comprising a steel rod of 120cm long and 1.2 cm dia  with pointed ends, carring two adjus......

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Katers Reversible Pendulum Stainless Steel

Product Cat # PH0208

This kater’s reversible pendulum has similar specifications as Cat No PH0207 but it cons......

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Tripod stand for Compound or Kater's Reversible Pendulum

Product Cat # PH0210

This tripod stand can be used with both Compound Pendulum or Kater's Reversible Pendulum l......

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Bifilar Pendulum Apparatus

Product Cat # PH0212

Consisting of  heavy cast iron tripod base with supporting rod also having rectangular pl......

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Bending of Beam Apparatus

Product Cat # PH0215

Comprising a metal bar of 100 cm long and 25 mm wide is supported on two G-clamps fitted w......

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Bending of Beam Apparatus - Koenings Method

Product Cat # PH0216

Comprising 9mm square brass beam, one meter long approx., which is supported horizontally ......

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