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Vashishatlabs is a leading Physics Sound & Waves Lab manufacturer, Physics Sound & Waves Lab supplier and exporter in India including resonance apparatus, wave motion apparatus, sonometer.

Wave Form - Helix/Slinky

Product Cat # PH1101A

Ideal For demonstrating wave motion. Helical coil of flat section, made of tempered steel wire. The spring coil available in various diameters 50/75 mm and length 7.5/ 10cms.


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Wave Form – Helix/ Slinky with Stand

Product Cat # PH1102

Long slinky spring for super wave demonstrations, on wooden stand 20cm high. Effectively shows different  waves motions, as well as standing wave patterns.


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Wave Motion Apparatus - Metal

Product Cat # PH1104

Used for demonstrating both longitudinal as well as transverse motion simultaneously. Consisting of a 18 eccentric disc supporting a series of metal rods on revolving the handle, transverse waves are obtained by straight rods. Longitudinal waves a...

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Wave Motion - Hand Rotation

Product Cat # PH1106

Wave motion elucidates the transverse or sinusoidal nature of waves. It also depicts the phase difference between different particles of medium and their wavelength and time period. It also demonstrates the energy and vibration transfer including ...

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Resonance Apparatus

Product Cat # PH1109

This  resonance apparatus allows you to observe the resonance phenomena and to measure the speed of sound in air by exploiting standing wave and resonance effects in longitudinal waves. Comprises a graduated acrylic  tube 100cm long , 2.5cm  in...

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Resonance Apparatus – Brass Tube

Product Cat # PH1110

The apparatus consists of an open-ended cylindrical brass tube, 100 cm long and 2.5cm dia, mounted on a polished wooden board. The tube is sealed tightly at the lower end with a side tube connected to a brass reservoir using rubber tubing. The res...

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Kundt's Tube- Metal Base

Product Cat # PH1112

Kundt's tube apparatus is a device for measuring the velocity of sound in air. Any waves traveling along the medium will reflect back when they reach the end creating a standing wave allowing harmonics to be identified. Nodes occur at fixed ends a...

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Product Cat # PH1114

Investigating the vibrating string. Sonometer  is a classical device developed in order to study vibrating strings. With this apparatus it is possible to investigate the dependence of the pitch on the length, tension and thickness of a vibrating ...

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Sonometer Wire Set Spare

Product Cat # PH1116

Set of two wires, 1 each of brass and steel of length 1.5m, and cross-section 22, 24 and 26SWG, with looped ends, ready for use.


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Step Down Transformer For Sonometer

Product Cat # PH1117

Set of Eight plain shank Aluminium Tuning Forks ,forks is stamped with note and frequency (C-256, D-288, E-320, F-341.3, G-384, A-426.6, B-480, C-512) . Set of Eight ,For wide range of  experiments. These tuning forks are approximately 180 mm...

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