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About Us

About Us

Offering Innovative Scientific Products for Educational Solutions

Since the company’s inception in 1969 by Late Sh V.K SHARMA ,VASHISHAT Scientific is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Science Education Products which are  used in  various educational institutes and actively responding to its clients’ needs by providing the best quality products at a superior value. The company’s quality policy has facilitated to realize its goal of total customer satisfaction and is commitment  to provide precise laboratory products for all educational areas through the continuous pursuit of excellence.         

With an expertise , dedication, and hard work of more than 49 years , Vashishat Scientific Corporation is continuously  delivering the best products for the science education and  our range of scientific products includes  Physics , Chemistry, Biology , Geography and  Mathematics lab products.

Vashishat Scientific is committed to offer you precise quality equipment at fair prices which assist you to meet your budget so that your lab can operate at its highest level of efficiency.Each offered product is the result of thorough study and development by our experienced technicians under the guidance of experts. During this long span, we have gained a lot of experience and expertise on account of your patronage and to keep pace with changing trends, we have tried to keep our products updated. We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you new and innovative  products at competitive prices.

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