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STEM Lab kits

Gear Box DIY STEM Kit

Product Cat # SM 0010

Combo Kit - Hydraulic actuators - Robotics arm & Hydraulic Jack

Product Cat # SM0012

•Robot arm and hydraulic jack | Ages 8+
...

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XY Plotter - A Sketching Machine

Product Cat # SM 0013

ntroducing our hand-powered XY plotter - the perfect tool for young engineers and artists! With this mechanical device, children can playfully learn the basics of computer-aided design (CAD) and robotics.

With just two buttons, kids can eas...

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Spirograph - A cycloid drawing machine

Product Cat # SM 0015

Presenting the Spirograph for Kids, a hand-cranked drawing tool that enables kids to easily create elaborate and beautiful patterns.

This time-tested drawing tool is ideal for kids who enjoy being imaginative because it comes with...

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Beetle Bot - DIY Robot with 2 tactile antennas

Product Cat # SM 0016

•DIY Beetel Bot | Age 8 and above •Discover how to combine the mechanical components with motors, batteries, and switches. •Attach the ...

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